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Motivation Letter

A motivation letter, as the name suggests is a document to motivate the recipient to conclude exactly what you wish him to conclude and that is your selection or approval of your proposal that you have made through your motivation letter. Such a letter is accompanied with your CV.


You need a motivation letter for various reasons, whether it is for seeking a job, admission, scholarship or donation etc. The motivation letter is also to state your motivation. It is a document that is read, if your CV is accepted and if you need the acceptance to sustain. Every care should be taken to draft this letter.

The main goal of the letter is to drive the recipient's attention towards your motivation towards the purpose of the letter. You may convey your motivation to pursue admission to a school, University, course or a job etc.

Now that the purpose of the letter is so clear, it may seem to be a daunting task. However, if you follow a few guidelines and proceed step by step while writing the letter then, it becomes much easier than expected.

The motivation letter may be of two types: one that is a response to an advertisement and second, a letter to a recruiter company, in case you are a vendor. The purpose of the letter is to exhibit your interest in the recipient company.

One thing which remains of utmost importance is that, this letter is a letter and not your CV. So the format should be that of a letter. Write a letter in formal letter writing style.

The letter should accompany the resume. Hence, it is needless to say that it should more than a resume and not a copy or reiteration of the resume. It should rather add few points over and above your resume description. The resume may not give a detailed description of a particular interest or achievement. This, you can definitely do through a motivation letter. The next important thing is that this letter should never be generic but specific.

When I say specific, it means the addressee of the letter should be known and most important the letter should be 'tailor-made' for the particular purpose that you are writing for. Give your studies and achievements that go in sync with your goal of the letter.

To understand how to make a positive and convincing appeal and get an idea to write your motivation letter, we have few sample letters for your reference. Go ahead and pick one of your purposes to customize accordingly.

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