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Motivation Letter for Admission

A motivation letter is best utilized when it is written and sent after a proper research for the respective purpose. This implies that the contents of the motivation or cover letters are of utmost importance. Motivational letters, as the name suggests, are written to motivate the reader to be convinced of granting the request made through the letter. Motivation letter is sent to serve various purposes including, admission to school, college or University, to seek a job, to receive scholarship etc. Let's discuss about the motivation letter for admission.


While drafting the cover letter for admission following points are to be considered.

Important points to remember for admission cover letter:

  1. Address the letter to the person who is responsible to review the applications.
  2. Give the reason to select the particular school for furthering studies.
  3. Give personal details apart from the resume in a brief and precise manner.
  4. Mention any extracurricular interests and achievements that add credence to your application.
  5. Be formal while writing the letter. Apply uniform formats throughout the letter.
  6. Ask for an interview towards the closing of the letter

Sample Cover letter for School Admission:

Brian Young
501 S. Division Street #500
Ann Arbor, MI 48104

Date: January 01, 2011

Mr. Mark Scott
Office of the Registrar
Little Gem High School
Valley Town, UK 123454

Dear Mr. Scott,

With this letter, I would like to seek admission to the XII grade at Little Gem High School following successful finishing of my Junior High School education at Atlanta. I plan to commence the education at the beginning of the next semester.

I was amongst the top three, since primary and have been securing first rank for the last two years. My GPA was 4.5 for the last semester. I also have an instinct for sports. I have represented my school at Atlanta and won the first prize for the ABC School in athletics and dodge ball. I believe that this talent will be effusively employed at Little Gem. Apart from sports, I have interest in literature, and have participated in plays at the interschool level. I have exhibited exemplary character during my Junior High School and look forward to keep the same here in Little Gem.

I have been to your school last summer, and appreciated the environment at the School. I believe in versatile development, which goes along with your school's core objective.

I am very excited to pursue further schooling at your School and with my skills and academic grades; I hope to get a chance to do so. I hope a favorable review of my application. I look ahead to hear from you for a personal interview to discuss more about my competency.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Brian Young.

If you aspire to seek admission to a particular school and want to maximize the chances of favorable evaluation of the application form, make the most of the article and draft the motivation letter for admission by customizing the above letter.

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