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University Motivation Letter

Despite the fact that not every university requires a resume and a cover letter, submitting both along with your application helps you to get an edge over other students seeking the admission. A well-drafted motivation letter for university admission illustrates the admissions committee that you are a responsible student who is taking sincerely the goal of getting into university of your choice.


The cover letter is essential and at the same time crucial. It introduces you to the university admissions board, and the letter's content, language and manner will make your first impression, which would play a main role in either passing or rejecting your application.

Some of the common mistakes to avoid while writing a cover letter for university admission:

  1. No proper attention to cover letter- It is by and large seen that people are very careful while drafting the resume but not the cover letter. For getting admission to university, one has to have above average grades but the one who has good grades but has not drafted the cover letter properly may be rejected the admission.
  2. Monotonous letter- Keep the cover letter professional but not monotonous and reiteration of the resume. Be enthusiastic while depicting the interests in the particular university.
  3. No proofreading-This again implies the casual nature of the writer. Try to avoid the grammatical mistakes and always proofread the letter before sending. This also gives an idea of your writing skills, so be careful about it.

Sample cover letter for university admission:

Peter James
House no. 11A
ABC Street, No Town
MI, US 66445

January 01, 2011

Office of Admissions
Registrar (Admission)
Smart University
Some Street, Where, Town
MA, US 69874

Dear Registrar,

I would like to introduce myself as a prospective student to the Smart University. With this application, I would like to seek admission to Software Engineering Department, for M.Sc in Computer Sciences.

I had the contentment of interviewing with your admission alumnus, headed by Mr. Green on 29th of December 2010. It was a huge exploring session for me about the university. I was highly influenced by the sound educational policies and versatile development environment of the university.

I am a Bachelor in Computer Applications honors in database warehousing and wish to further my educational career in database networking and ERP systems. I have been a bright student throughout my academic career with average 9 GPA out of 10, and have attached my resume for your review.

Some of my key accomplishments are as below:

  • Developed in-house project for MIS for All Gems College which is successfully deployed since December, 2009
  • Strong communication and analytical skills
  • Awarded as Best Programmer in September 2009, during an inter-state college competition for the topic Programming and Logics

Apart from the subject interests, Art and Culture also interests me. Unlike community colleges, your university allows me to be introduced to diverse and ethnic environment of varied cultures.

I am hopeful to get admission to your esteemed university.

Thank you.

Yours Sincerely,
Peter James.

University is just not about convocation or degree. This is the doorway to a diverse world of culture and religion. For those who look to widen the horizon of their academic experiences and lifestyle through seeking admission to university, motivation letter for university admission is the crucial tool.

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