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Indirect Persuasive Letters

An indirect persuasive letter is quite different from a direct persuasive letter. A direct persuasive letter starts with providing some information, details and the facts to support an argument. The writer ensures that it gives accurate information, it is complete with the relevant details, and the various arguments are presented in a logical manner. However, an indirect persuasive letter is written when you anticipate that a reader's response will definitely be negative.


The examples of such a letter are: letters written to refuse a request or an invitation; letters that are written to end a relationship; warning letters and so on. The opening lines of such a letter start with a statement that helps or prepares a reader to accept the shocking news that is to be conveyed by the letter.

The next statement can explain the reason that generated that kind of response. Try to make this statement brief and to the point. However, make this reason or explanation relevant, sufficient, and believable. Try to make the tone dignified and formal.

After this, comes the actual refusal. Make this statement brief and to the point. Also, do not emphasize this part of the letter.

Towards the end your letter, try to offer an alternative solution and end with a positive and friendly statement. The following indirect persuasive letter sample is sent from a company, that is planning to construct a mall, to the chain of restaurant that wants some space in that mall.

XYZ Inc,
41st Street,
New York City,
NY 50004, USA
Phone: 55522211; email:

Date: 21/04/2011

Mr. Ted Brown,
ABC Inc.,
23rd Street,
New York City, NY 500024

Dear Mr. Brown,

We would like to thank you for showing interest for setting up your shop in our mall. Providing a variety of food stalls and restaurants in the mall is an important part of our plan. However, we regret that we cannot grant your chain a permission to set up a restaurant in our property.

We quite liked your concept and we were quite impressed by your innovative food products. However, at present we cannot spare you the space that you had requested, because we have already finalized the deal with Bensen's Restaurant, which is a multi-specialty restaurant. We have also granted permission to two other chains of restaurants, so there is no space available for another restaurant as of now.

However, as we were quite impressed with your proposal, we would like to suggest that you could allow us to forward it to one of our business partners, who would be interested in your project.

We regret that we are unable to do business with you. But we do wish you good luck in your next venture. If you are interested in getting introduced to the above-mentioned business partner, then please let us know. We will be happy to offer you any help possible.

Nancy Ramón,
Senior Manager,
XYZ Inc.

Before you write your indirect persuasive letter, plan your message for your target audience. This should definitely not have a negative impression on the reader's mind; make your letter impressive.

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