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Persuasive Letter Example for Kids

When kids are asked to write a persuasive letter, they usually find it very challenging. However, if they follow a few simple steps, they can also write a good letter. In the persuasive example letter for kids given below, a student is writing a letter to the coordinator of a club to persuade him for buying an automatic hand drier.


The Coordinator,
Kids Activity Club,
47th Street,
New York, NY 455507,

Date: 02/04/11

Dear Sir,

On behalf of the students, I would like to propose that our club should invest in purchasing automatic motion-sensing hand driers. In the past discussions, we students have been thinking of suggesting you this. However, this idea occurred to me after I noticed that this equipment was not very expensive and was very useful for us in many ways.

There are many reasons to propose this idea. First of all, this season, many kids are falling sick due to flu. The users of the paper towel can easily transfer the germs and virus. This hand drier will prove to be very hygienic. This is because, the students just have to place their hands under the machine and blow-dry their hands. They will not have to touch anything and they will not get infected.

Also, many children pull out papers unnecessarily and waste a lot of paper. It has been seen that lately many kids pull out the paper and have fun. They do not take care to dispose all these tissues in the trash bin and litter the floor. If this hand drier is used, the problem of litter near the wash basins will be solved to some extent.

Along with solving this problem, we will also save some money and also the trees. The money can be spent on the equipments that need some repair. We can also generate awareness among the students to save paper. The club can arrange a field trip to let the students know how paper is made by cutting the trees.

When the hand drying machine is in need of repair, we can use the paper towels. We will keep them for such emergencies.

Thus, I hope that the management will approve the purchase of equipment that saves both money and paper. It is good for the environment. Please install them as soon as possible.

Yours sincerely,
Angela Williams,
Student Representative,
Kids Activity Club.

After you write a persuasive letter, here is a checklist to see if you have written an effective persuasive letter:

  1. Check if you know your target audience well and if your introduction appeals them
  2. Make sure that you have clearly described the idea, product, problem, or service that you want to talk about
  3. See if the main issue of the letter has been supported by arguments that are quite sensible and sound convincing.
  4. You know the objections that your readers might raise and address the issues accordingly
  5. You have given your contact details correctly.
  6. After you finish you letter, you must proofread the letter, and also check if it is concise and interesting to read
  7. Also check the tone of the letter. It should sound formal. You should be polite and firm. Your letter should show respect for the reader.
  8. Go through the letter and see if you have used any powerful words in your letter. It is advisable to use at least five.

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