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Catering Proposal Letter

A proposal letter of services is extensively used by organizations to promote their products or services. This proves a very effective marketing tool and is a good way to introduce the products and services of a company to its prospective clients. They advocate that they are the best in the industry. Before writing a proposal letter, consider reading the following paragraph:


The letter must be written in a formal manner. Provide some details of the price quotation. This can be done on the letter or can be attached along with the letter. If any discount schemes are available, then inform the customer about it. Pay attention to the tone of the letter. Although you are trying to convince, you should make an offer and not order a customer. If you are trying to sell your product or services, then try to convince the customer by highlighting your qualities, without making it look like self-praise.

Sample Catering Proposal Letter

Delicia Caterers,
45 North Street, Washington DC 22204,
Ms Serena Lee,
12th West Street,
45th Avenue,
Washington DC 22305,

Dear Ms. Lee,

Thank you for showing interest in our services. You had enquired about our services for the wedding of your daughter.

Delicia Caterers offer the best catering services in the industry. We would like to give you a proposal for the services that we provide.

  1. We take pains to fulfill your dreams, needs and stomachs with lip-smacking food
  2. We cater for corporate lunches, weddings, birthday parties and social occasions
  3. We deliver food in the venue of your choice. We also have a restaurant and a party lawn that can be used for occasions
  4. The prices are very competent
  5. Currently we have a special discount scheme. If you place an order for more than 400 people, you get complimentary mock tails.
  6. We are known to serve the best seasonal menus
  7. The food is visually appealing and your guests will feel welcomed.

Why chose Delicia

  1. One of the best caterers and decorators in the city
  2. Can cater according to your special needs
  3. We offer very creative menus, comprising of the good quality food
  4. Excellent services
  5. Try our services and you will feel that the money was worth spending
  6. Talk to our previous clients and listen to their testimonials
  7. More than six years of experience in catering and specializing in food production for mass gathering
  8. Delivering on time is our motto
  9. Order once; you will definitely order again

We wish your daughter a happy married life. We assure you that we are quite capable of taking care of the occasion quite efficiently. All you have to do is call us and leave the rest to us. The details of the cost are attached along with this letter.

Thanking you in anticipation,

Best Regards,
Jim Carrey,
Delicia Caterers.

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