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Partnership Proposal Letter

In a partnership proposal letter, a firm can propose to enter into partnership with another firm. Partnerships can be of various types; it can be between two companies for mutual benefit, it can be a marketing partnership; it can also be a partnership for grant/donor programs organized for the benefit of the society.


The first thing that a partnership proposal letter should highlight: it must state what benefit a company will have, if it enters into a partnership with you. It should sound very convincing. You can also give a few strategies of how you plan to develop the business once you enter into a partnership. If possible, state some benefit, apart from the monetary gain. The reader should be able to relate with whatever is being said in the letter.

Before sending the letter, do some research about the company and know their interests. Show what mutual objectives you would like to achieve. Do not state how you will stand to gain out of the partnership. Also make some realistic and achievable objectives and profits. Write in a formal but simple language. Be short and precise. If you write a very long letter, the reader might lose interest.

Best Interiors,
147 Commercial Street,
Georgetown, DC 50004,

Date: 02/03/11

Mr. George Mac Kenzy,
Ace Architects,
258 Commercial Street,
Washington DC, 20001,

Subject: Partnership proposal between Ace Architects and Best interiors.

Dear Mr. Mac Kenzy,

With reference to our meeting held on 15/02/11, we would like to propose a partnership between our firms; Ace Architects & Best Interiors.

Ace Architects comprise of an expert team of architects that specialize in planning and making customized houses and resorts. Best Interiors have an experienced team of interior decorators who have the capability to take care of the interiors, once a building is ready. If our companies enter into partnership, it will be beneficial for both the firms.

There are several prestigious construction projects in the city that state that the minimum requirement capital investment of $__. When our firms merge, the net worth of our firms shall exceed the minimum capital requirement. We will be eligible to bid for these projects.

If our firms merge, the resultant firm will prove to be a one stop shop for a prospective client. Together, we can plan the execution of the construction of a building along with its interiors. This is sure to increase our client list.

Both the firms have established a good brand name in the industry. When these two names merge, the reliability is bound to increase.

We also propose that the partnership will be on a contractual basis. The contract partnership shall initially be for a period of one year. If both the parties find it profitable, then this contract will be extended by both the parties.

If you want to have any additional information, please contact Ms. White on 99887744, or mail on Time is of great value to us, and we would not like to delay further. I would request you to get back to us as soon as possible.

Peter Simon,
Best Interiors.

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