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Product Proposal Letter

When you write a product proposal letter, it is very good to write in a formal manner, but try to avoid any jargon. It might confuse the reader; he or she might not want to read the letter. Explain the product to your reader very clearly. Tell the reader how your product is different from the rest of the products in the market and also talk about its USP.


Let us look at a sample proposal letter that is sent from a manufacturer to a retailer to convince the retailer to buy products manufactured.

Sample Product Proposal Letter
Cuddly Toys and Gifts,
258 5th Street,
8th Avenue,
New York, NY 100014,

Date: 03/03/11

Ms Brenda Walker,
Supply Manager,

Dear Ms. Walker,

With reference to our telephonic conversation, we would like to make a proposal for the products that we manufacture. Cuddly Toys and Gifts is an upcoming business that has rapidly established its reputation in the market because of its dedication to quality. Our products are fast becoming popular amongst retailers like you.

Cuddly Toys and Gifts manufacture a premium range of toys; publish books for children and resources that can be used by parents and teachers to teach kids. Let us look at the features of Cuddly Toys:

  • Cuddly Toys and Gifts make toys that are user friendly. They do not use toxic materials and do not pose any hazard for the kids.
  • The toys that we manufacture can be classified in to two categories: 1) children can play with them and simply have fun; and 2) children can play and can learn in the process.
  • The toys are very age specific and have been priced competently. The target audience range from the age group of 1-12 years.
  • The books that we publish are story books, general awareness, social sciences, mathematics and science books. We also have activity books for pre-school kids. The illustrations are appropriate for the users and are meant to grasp their attention. Your customers will simply love to buy such products. We also have books for teenagers.
  • The authors of the books have a lot of experience in their respective fields. The story books have been tailor made to suit the target audience. If you want us to supply anything specific, then we can do that too.
  • The books also have learning CDs for teaching the kids. These CDs have been used by some reputed private schools for teaching their school kids.
  • Cuddly Toys and Gifts is an one-stop-shop for the people who are looking for buying gifts for kids. It will tend to increase your clientele and boost the sales of your retail shop.
  • We shall soon introduce a special range of products, including books and toys that can be used by parents to have fun with their kids.

We have supplied our products to retailers in Chicago, Georgetown, Boston and Las Vegas and have received good responses from them. I am quite positive that if you introduce our products in your shop, you will definitely benefit from the sales.

If you want, we can give the references on request. We have a special discount scheme for the retailers for a period of one month. Order now and avail the discount!

Yours Truly,
Thomas Bradley,
Sales & Marketing,
Cuddly Toys & Gifts.

Enclosures: price list of the toys and books, sample CDs and books.

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