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Screenplay Query Letter

Screenplay query letters are different from other type of query letter like article, fiction or nonfiction queries. These letters need not be too long. In fact, a good screenplay query letter should be two to three paragraphs long. It is good to specify your credentials but a screenplay query letter can also be written without stating your credentials.


To write a screenplay query letter is an art and you should consider the points below when you think to write an impressive screenplay query letter for yourself:

Pitching a Script

The most important part of a query letter is the pitch. The query letter should summarize the story in one paragraph. The script should be presented in such a way that catches the attention and interest of the reader.

Structuring the Query Letter

Screenplay query letters include a pitch, short description, proposal idea and a closure. Following these instructions while writing a screenplay query:

  • The first paragraph contains the pitch. The hook has to be powerful that can engage the reader to read the whole letter.
  • Your second paragraph contains the story in such a way that can interest the viewers. The story has to be told in a narrative way so that the reader is able to imagine the characters of the story.
  • You can make a proposal to send the script. If the script is not yet complete, you can tell the date by which it will be completed.
  • You can end the letter by saying thank you to the reader and you can also ask the reader whether you should send the copy of screenplay to him.

Here is a sample screenplay query letter that can you can refer:

23 January 2010
Xyz Production Company
1234, main Street
North Hollywood, CA

Dear Director of Development,

I have written a screenplay that I would like to share with you.

The Sudden Death is the story of a professor, who struggles to live all his life up to his principles. With time, his principles result in the increase in the number of enemies. The name of the professor is Mr. Smith. One day he was found dead in his apartment. All the evidences were against the natural death of Mr. Smith. An investigation authority was referred to look into the matter. All the suspects were then interrogated. Recently Mr. Smith had a fight with his friend Dr. Chapels. He even has not been in good relations with his wife. They usually fought with each other. So, his wife is also a major suspect in the case. The story takes such a turn that the real criminal is caught. The story is a mix of suspense and thriller.

I'm a well established screenwriter and have written many scripts over the last few years.

Man vs. Wild was produced in 2009 and is currently being aired in many film festivals.

"Remake" is an art film which was produced in 2008 that has been appreciated by many art houses all over the country.

Thank you for your time. Please let me know if I can give you the copy of the entire script.

Johnny Silverspoon
613-514-1515 The sample screenplay query letter is an effective way to state all your skills and potentials that are required to impress an editor.

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