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Formal Quotation Letter

Any communication you do through writing, except to friends and family, is a formal letter. It is a way of communication, which is used both in business and a personal level. All the business, therefore, prepares some formal template as per the communication category. Individuals, on the other hand, don't have to write very often. Hence, when they sit to write a formal letter, they are likely to face some problems. The problem is more severe when they are in need of writing a formal quotation letter. Let's discuss few of the basics to be applied while writing this type of letters.


A formal quotation letter is written when you want to buy something or get into a contract for a service such as vehicle insurance, painting your apartment, doing some electrical and plumbing work, or even maintaining your garden. These are all examples for your personal work. As a working professional, your company may ask you to write a quotation letter to some advertising agency and request a quote for advertising your products. The other instances where you have to write this letter are to request a quote from vendors for raw materials, and to the shipping company in delivering the order to your clients at distant places. This letter is written for any situation where you are investing your money for a product or service.

The letter should include sender's and receiver's contact information. It should mention how the writer came to know about the company he is writing to. Then, it must give an introduction in brief about the writer. Further, the reason of writing the letter and what exactly is needed from the reader should be mentioned in few simple sentences. In the end, the writer must state within what period he is expecting the response from the reader. Here is a sample of a formal quotation letter to help you understand these points.

Formal Quotation Letter

Howard N. Hanes
Public Relation Officer
XYZ Corporations
8407 Kearsarge Drive
Austin, TX 87452
10 June, 2011

Mr. Chris Witte
XYZ Manufacturers
Austin, TX 87452

Subject: Quotation Letter

Dear Witte,

I came to know about your company from Mr. Andrew Long, Director to AAA Corporations. I believe you are into shock absorber manufacturing and supply your products to them. As I was looking for a company with this same product, your company's name was suggested by Mr. Long.

We have just entered into the market of two wheeler manufacturing. We want to enter into a contract with your company for supplying shock absorbers to us. We are looking out for two, three and four wheeler shock absorbers. If you can send your representative to our office, we can discuss our requirements in length, and you can then provide us your quote for the same. If the quotation is suitable to us, we can sign a contract with your company.

Please respond to us within 10 days from receiving this letter. You can contact me for our possible meeting at (850) XXX-7485 or mail me at

Thanks and regards,
Howard N. Hanes

This formal quotation letter sample is written by a company to another that is looking forward to getting into a contract. If you need to advertise your brand, you can use this sample by modifying it and request a quote from an ad agency.

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