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Quotation Letter to Customer

You are lucky to receive to a quote request from your customer. Now, it is your turn to grab this opportunity and turn it into a profitable venture. You can do this by reacting promptly to the customer's request by supplying him what he needed. If you delay in responding to the customer, the chances are you may lose a good business. It is said that time, and customer waits for none. Hence, any quote request from a customer is an opportunity to sell your product and service.


A quotation letter to customer should be printed on company's letterhead and sent through registered mail. It should be treated like a sales letter as it is written to gain some business from the customer. When writing the letter, the customer's requirement must be kept in view. You have to adopt a diplomatic approach while writing the letter. The more you focus on the customer's needs, better are the chances in gaining profits from the business. Start the letter by catching their interests, wants and desires. Say, for example, "We know how frustrating it is to waste your hard-earned money on those swelled electric bills. Our power saver product will help you save some money by reducing electric bills up to 40%". Then you can start convincing that you are the right person they have approached to, and you can satisfy all their demands. Here is a quotation letter to help you write to your customer.

Quotation Letter to Customer

15 June, 2011

Roy Hanson
Purchase Manager
AYC Departmental Stores
Spring Road, North Avenue
Burlington, MA 01803

Subject: Quotation Letter

Dear Hanson,

Thank you for placing an enquiry for the baby food products. We agree with you on the importance of providing good and health foods to our children, since they are the future of our nation. With the note, we are pleased to quote for the following products as per your specifications:

Products - Packing - Price per unit

For Infants

  1. Baby Formula - 730g - $ 29.00
  2. Baby Yogurts - 454g - $20.00
  3. Cereals - 500g - $35.00
  4. Other Foods - 200g - $25.00
  5. Baby Puree Pouch 150g - $20.00

For Toddlers

  1. Cereal Bars - 19g - $9.00
  2. Juices - 16.92oz. - $35.00
  3. Sesame Meals - 700g - $40.00
  4. Sesame Breakfast - 500g - $30.00

For Kids

  1. Reduced Fat Milk - 20.99oz. - $15.00
  2. Grain Bars - 20g - $12.00
  3. Sesame Pop Snax - 350g - $15.00
  4. Apple Sauces - 20.00oz - $25.00

We are also attaching the nutritional sheet of each product for your reference. Please note that this quotation is valid for 15 days from the date of issue. We give 15 days credit to our customers and are comfortable with any mode of payments. You can contact me at (850) XXX-2398 for any doubts.

Please confirm your approval within the valid date so that we can process with other documentation procedures.

Once again, thank you for considering ABC Baby Products Ltd.

Yours faithfully,
For ABC Baby Products Ltd.
David McClain
Sales Manager

This sample letter to customer is written to provide a price quote and other information such as payment terms and quotation validity. You can use this sample with a few modifications for quoting other products.

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