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Court Reference Letter

It is a very crucial thing to write a character reference letter for court. The person who is providing the reference should take every care to make this letter act as a piece of evidence for the defendant. The writer should review the circumstances before drafting the letter. The person who is writing such a letter should have known the referenced for an extended period of time, and the writer should be a high authority person belonging to the friend circle, any former employee, government official etc.


Writing reference letter for the court:

The reference letters for court are usually used in the ruling process. They are meant to provide court or judge with the insight of the defendant, his character, his reputation as a member of the society. These letters may play important role to impact the ruling of the case in a positive manner. Hence, to construct a positive impression through your letter remember considering the following points.

Tips for writing effective character reference letter:

  1. The letter should include the full name, address details of the writer
  2. The letter should always be provided in original to the lawyer and should be signed by the writer in person.
  3. The letter should state the age, occupation of the writer and details about how long and in what capacity has the writer known the defendant.
  4. Clarify the fact through the letter that the writer is aware of the criminal charges on the defendant and state his reaction for the same.
  5. It should include the details and examples about the positive reputation and character of the defendant.

Sample court reference letter:

Smith Jones
Smith Villa
147 West 3rd Street
Dayton, OH
United States 65231
Ph: 124-852-9637

Date: January 03, 2011

Ohio High Court
1352 Velma Ave
Columbus, OH
United States 12458

Honorable Judge Mr. Cox,

My name is Smith Jones, and I am residing at above mentioned address since 1987. I am employed in a corporate industry with ABC Company as a Manager for past 20 years.

I am writing this letter to provide reference to Mr. Charles Nelson in the case of physical abuse to the neighbor. I have known Mr. Nelson in the capacity of friend and colleague for last 12 years. I have shared a lot quality time with Mr. Nelson during summer camps, travelling, picnics etc. I have always known Mr. Nelson as a hard working, dedicated, caring and jovial person. After his marriage 4 years back, he has shown tremendous zeal and sense of responsibility to establish himself as a self sufficient individual and provide sound financial support to family.

Due to the present situation of Mr. Nelson, I have been taking care of few of his family and social commitments. He has confessed to me about his love towards the family and is committed to seek meditation to control anger Please call me for any further queries.

Smith Jones

This a sample character reference letter for court gives you an idea of the contents, the language to be used. Hope will help you write your own letter for court reference.

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