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Immigration Reference Letter

It is very common, nowadays that people have to immigrate to countries for various reasons. The immigration laws and requisites are different in accordance to the purpose of immigration, time of stay etc. But one thing mandatory for any immigration is to provide the immigration office with reference letters for immigration. These letters are to be given by the former employer and in case of self-employment or immigration for further studies, provide the reference letters from the professors or teachers.


Few key points while writing immigration reference letters:

  1. The person who is writing the reference letter should have clear idea about the applicant and his purpose of immigration.
  2. The letter should be formal and short. Try to mention the details of the requisites met in a precise and list format.
  3. Give the details of the personal characteristics, professional skills and responsibilities handled during the employment tenure.
  4. If it is a skilled immigration, then emphasize on the fact that the applicant has the required skills and qualifies for the preliminary requirements.
  5. Provide your contact information and inform your availability for any further clarifications required.

Sample immigration reference letter:

Joe Jones
Manager Operations
ABC Company
215 South Franklin Avenue
Berlin, NJ
United States 65874
Ph: 789-412-3657

Date: January 10, 2011

To whom it may concern:

This letter is with reference to Mr. Ted Moore's immigration application. Mr. Moore has been working with ABC Company since July 2007. He has been reporting to me since then in the capacity of Asst. Manager Operations.

During the entire period of his employment tenure, he has shown excellent managerial skills, decision-making ability and trustworthiness. He has proved to be a role model for many interns and staff for his co ordination and time management skills. I, in the capacity of company's manager value him as an asset to the company.

As per my knowledge, he has not been a financial burden on any type of government assistance. He is a good human being on social grounds and aspires to learn new technologies.

I also have gone through the applicant's immigration application and verified the documentation to my understanding it has been completed. I whole-heartedly support Mr. Moore's immigration application. If you find me of any help related to his employment verification, please call me on the above mentioned number.

Joe Jones

The reference letters for immigration play a vital role to allow the applicant to immigrate to his destined place. The letters are to be drafted by the authoritative person and in a precise and sincere manner so that it plays as supportive document rather than creating a hurdle in the immigration process.

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