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Scholarship Rejection Letter

It is a common scenario that many poor but bright students, who have high career goals, depend on financial support to pursue those goals. These students are otherwise, not capable of seeking high standard education. This financial aid is in the form of a scholarship, which a scholarship committee, an individual or the government awards to the student. There is a huge competition to receive such scholarship and many students apply for it. You being in the authorization body to decide upon the scholarship grants will have to scrutinize enormous applications and not all students will be lucky to receive the aid. You need to send a scholarship rejection letter to all such students.


Tips to write a rejection letter for scholarship grant:

  1. Use a formal letterhead to write the letter, and also use considerate and careful language
  2. The purpose of the letter should be informing the denial of financial aid and not to demean or let down the student.
  3. Without hurting the students' feeling, convey the decision with proper reasoning. For e.g. the merit cut-off, incomplete documentation or inefficiency to aid specific programs etc. may be few such reasons of denial.
  4. If the reason is re-correctable like incomplete documentation, then intimate the student about the same, and allow a deadline to do so. If not so, then inform if they can re-apply to your organization.
  5. Tell the student, if he can call your company directly, further to any clarifications
  6. At the end, wish the candidate luck and acknowledge his application as worthy, but your limits to accept it.

Sample letter denying scholarship aid:

Helping Hand Scholarship Foundation
512 West Superior Street, Duluth, MN
United States 62347 Ph: 214-757-8981
Contact us:

Date: January 15, 2011

Edward Gonzalez
7845 McGee Street
New City, MN
United States 66478
Tel: 811-421-1234

Re: Scholarship application no#12345

Dear Mr. Gonzalez,

I would firstly, like to thank you for having applied with Helping Hand Scholarship Foundation, which is a renowned foundation involved in advancing intellects via 25 scholarships totaling to $2500 every year.

We received your scholarship request application with the above referenced number dated January 01, 2011. Our esteemed panel of committee members reviewed your application with due care. However, on behalf of the management board and committee members, I regret to inform you that your name does not reflect in the list of qualified students for scholarship this year.

The reasons for rejection of the application are first, the application was incomplete in terms of documentation attached, and secondly, it does not go along with our foundation aid programs.

However, if you are willing to apply for any other program that goes along with our support criteria, send in a complete new application before the end of this month. We will be glad to consider your application and assure you fair and valid review.

Should you have any further clarifications required, feel free to call me at 456-789-2354. Though your application was worthy, we regret your rejection for scholarship support. Wish you all the best for your future and career.

Yours faithfully,
Jacob Leo
Head Analyst Committee

Make sure your scholarship rejection letter is non-biased and written on valid grounds. Never let the letter of rejection be de-moralizing for a student.

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