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Food Donation Request Letter

Many charities, NGO's, provide meals to needy people. Not only during a natural calamity or war, but food donations are needed to provide food in orphanages, old age homes and so on. While getting food donations, sound easier compared to cash donations or funds, this is similarly difficult. Thus, for such donations you need to target the right people, and draft a food donation request letter to follow a professional approach.


Points to remember while writing a food donation request letter:

  1. You need to know who can actually give you donations. You can check out the company's website to find out their services under the corporate social responsibility. If they have such past donation records, chances are more that you can get some for your charity
  2. Draft a rough letter, stating the name of your organization, your contributions to such social services and so on. Mention the reason why you chose the reader for this cause.
  3. You can also request for a face to face meeting if possible
  4. While addressing the person, address him or her with their first name. This makes your conversation more direct, and with a personal approach. If you do not know the name of the concerned person, you can call up the company's reception and find it out from them.

So after reading these points you can easily draft your food donation request letter. But still for further reference, here is a sample food donation request letter that you can use to draft one for your NGO or charity.

Food donation request letter

Home for the Homeless
3rd lane, Blvd- 5,
Ph: 00 000 11 00

Dear Mr. Joy,

At home for the homeless we work for the betterment of those who have been abandoned from their homes, have been a victim of a natural calamity, and so on. We work to provide them a normal and better life.

At present we all know that Tsunami has affected the lives of hundreds of people. At this moment, food is the priority for all, and we are trying hard to provide meals to all the needy. We would require help from people like you to continue with this.

We are not asking you to send us cash or cheque. You can send us food grains or food packets that we will pass on to the people who are in trouble.

Your contribution will save some one from starving. Mr. Joy this effort from your end will help us to continue our service.

Thanking you in anticipation.


Home for helpless

This simple format of a sample food donation request letter will help your charity to save someone from starving. Your conviction for this cause will definitely help you succeed in this social cause. Hope this simple article proves to be very useful, and helps you get the blessings of many whom you serve.

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