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Name Change Request Letter

You are born with a name but at times you have to change your last name, or the spelling of your name, or change your name completely. However changing your name is not as simple as it sounds. Though you do not need to formally tell your friends and family about your name change but you have to complete a formal procedure to change your name in you bank, on your passport, your credit cards, and in schools. These are some places where you can face a problem if you do not have your correct name registered. In such cases you need to complete the formalities for such processes and also write a name change request letter to the concerned authorities.


You can apply for a name change request if you have recently got married and changed your last name, if you have changed the spelling of your name, or if your name has been spelled incorrectly on some document. You must remember that your name if spelled incorrectly can cause many problems like inability to perform transactions, visa approvals and so on.

Here are some procedures to request a name change:

Name change on a passport:

If you have recently got married and your last name has changed then you need to change your name on your passport as well. For this you will need:

  1. Marriage certificate
  2. Name change affidavit prepared by a notary.
  3. Application form provided by the US passport officials needs to be filled correctly
  4. Any fee which is charged for this procedure needs to be deposited.
  5. Along with this you need to write a name change request letter.

Name change on a social security card

Your social security card is your actual identity. It is very important that your name is spelled correctly on your social security card. It is the most important identity proof so you need to note that your name is spelled correctly.

In this way you need to keep a note of your name and the spelling of your name on such documents.

Here is a sample name change request letter that you can use along with your name change application.

Michelle Mayor
Oak lane,
Park Street,
New York- 101010
Ph: 11221122


The Passport Officer,
New York

Sub: name change request letter

Dear Sir,

I am Michelle Mayor and I am writing this letter to request you to change my name on my passport. I got married last week to Mike Mayor and my maiden name was Michelle Taylor.

It is my humble request to change my name to "MICHELLE MAYOR". I have attached a copy of my marriage certificate, name change affidavit, a photocopy of my passport, two passport size photos and a demand draft for the fees of this procedure.

Please issue me my new passport in this name as soon as possible so that I do not face any problems while traveling to London two months later

Thanking you in anticipation

Michelle Mayor

Thus in this way you can draft a simple name change request letter. Please collect all the information about the documents you need so that the procedure is not delayed. Accompanying all the required documents will fasten the procedure and you can get your name changed without much complication.

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