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Sample Mentor Request Letter

A mentor, though a teacher, is different from a teacher because a mentor is assigned to either a single student or four to five students, but not more than that. Thus a mentor provides personalized attention. If you need a mentor you can write a mentor request letter to the concerned person.


A mentor is a person who guides you in every walk of life. He or she is not the one who teaches you geography or history but helps you in every decision of life, guides your career, helps you to deal with problems and so on. Your mentor could be anyone: your sports teacher, literature teacher, your boss and so on. So if you feel that someone can guide you and if he or she influences you then you can definitely request that person to be your mentor.

Points to be included in your mentor request letter:

  1. It is very important to decide who your mentor is. This is not a simple formality, your mentor will help you lead your life
  2. Once you finalize on your mentor you can write a mentor request letter to that person.
  3. Your letter should state as to how you admire that person, his work, his way of life and so on.
  4. You must mention why you want him or her to be your mentor.
  5. Tell him or her how the mentoring can affect your life and you can benefit by his or her mentoring
  6. End your letter with a request to the person to be your mentor and how eagerly you are awaiting his or her positive response.

Here is a sample mentor request letter that you can use for your reference.

Jackie Chang
Saint's high School
New York- 22 0012

Date: 27th January, 2011

Mr. King Shui,
Martial Arts Instructor,
Martial- Arts School

Dear Sir,

I am Jackie Chang. I am a student of Saint's high school where you come to give basic martial arts training once a week.

Sir I am highly interested in martial arts. I have seen you for past 7 years. Your knowledge of this field is commendable. You are recognized as the martial art guru and have students from world over. I have followed your every seminar, your lectures and guidelines knowing you provide to live a healthy life.

You come to our school once a week and provide a basic training. I wish to take a personal training from you in this field. I request you to be my mentor and guide me in my life. Not only in martial arts but the way you live your life and the way you are recognized in this field makes you very prominent. I would wish to be like you.

I hope you consider my request. I will be highly obliged to if you kindly approve my request.

Thank you.
Jackie Chang

In this way you can request your favorite teacher or your boss to be you mentor. You can always request the person you admire in your life to be your mentor so that you can also be like him or her by their guidance.

So go ahead choose a mentor and write a mentor request letter to convince him or her to guide you in your life.

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