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Shift Change Request Letter

There are many companies that have flexible working hours, rotating shifts and alternate shifts for employees. The 9 to 5 working concept is a fad now. Also due to the changing lifestyle there are many services that have to be made available 24 X 7. In such cases the employees have to work in shifts. For example customers care, fast food joints and hospitals. Here the employees are have to work in different shifts that are assigned to them. Many a time's employees are not comfortable with certain shifts for some specific reason. In such cases the employees can request for a shift change to their managers or the scheduling head.


The shift change request letter is similar to any other formal request letter. Only make sure that you perform well and are regular to work so that your boss doesn't start screaming at you considering your past record.

Points to remember while drafting a shift change request letter:

  1. Have a valid reason, because usually 24 X 7 organizations have heavy work load.
  2. Write a request letter to your team leader or the scheduling head or any such concerned person.
  3. Specify the date from which you need a change in the shift timing and which timing would you prefer.
  4. End your letter requesting the person to consider your request and thank him or her anticipation.
  5. Also if you are requesting on a medical basis, or because of examinations or practical sessions in college, then you can enclose the necessary documents like doctor's certificate or college authentication letter to prove your reason.

You can use this sample shift change request letter to request your boss or scheduling head for a shift change at work.

Magi Make,
CSE- ALF process,
Employee code: 5612
ABB services ltd.

Date: 31st January, 2011

Mr. Megan,
Scheduling Officer,
ALF process.

Re: Request for change in shift schedule

Dear Mr. Make,

This is to request you to please consider my plea for a change in my shift timings. I have been working from Monday to Friday from 12 pm to 10 am.

As you know I am pursuing my Bachelor's in science along with my job, it is my humble request to please change my shift for the next week that is from 7th January to 11th January, 2011 as I have to attend practical sessions in my college.

I request you to please give me an afternoon shift for this week so that I can attend my practical sessions. You have always encouraged us to pursue our education and hope you will consider my request.

Thank you.

Magi Make

Thus in this way you can request for a shift change may be for a change in time or days. You can request for a shift change on the basis of medical reasons, education or if you are a working mother and your kid has examinations going on, you can ask for change in shift timings.

As mentioned above if you have a good performance record and are regular at work, there are high chance that such request can be easily approved. Or else your boss will just get another reason to get hold of you and give you a long lecture on "what you have been doing and how bad you are at work?"

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