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Teacher Request Letter

Every parent is concerned about their child's education. Be it a school teacher or a personal teacher for your child you always want the best. However many schools do not accept such requests for teachers if you have something in mind which can be very beneficial for the children you can always write a teacher request letter addressed to the principal.


This request can be for a replacement or for a new teacher you think is needed in the school. In cases of home tuitions you can write a request letter to some teacher you know who also provides home coaching services and so on.

The sample teacher request letters in this article will better clarify your doubts.

Mark Peter,
Rosary School,

Father Verghese,

Dear Sir,

I am Mark Peter and my daughter Lillian Peter studies in the 4th grade in your school. I have always appreciated the effort you take for the school and children. You always have provided the children with the best facilities, best faculties and kept them at par with the others. We have always taken pride in the fact that our children are the alumni of Rosary School.

My purpose to write this letter is a request I would like to make. I feel that today self defense is the most important and it is very necessary to train children right from a young age. I request you to appoint a Karate teacher in the school who can train children right from this age, so that they would never need someone else's help to face any odd situation. Also such training will build a confidence in them and will assure their safety.

It is my humble request to you if you can appoint such a teacher.

Please let me know if you need any help in this matter.

Thank you.

Mark Peter

Teacher request letter sample

Mark Peter,
Holy Street,
5th Blvd,
Ph: 22 11 22 11
Mr. Mike,
Saint School

Dear Mr. Mike,

I am Mark Peter and this is regarding my son Harry Peter. He is in the 6th grade. My wife and I are pretty serious about his studies and career. Though we have put in tremendous efforts fro his studies, we have not been able to get desired results.

We have always seen that you tend to teach students in such a way that they actually start liking the subject and score well. I know that you have a very busy schedule but it is my sincere request to you to please spare some time and coach my son.

We are sure that if he studies under your guidance he will definitely be the best in his class.

Please let me know your decision. I expect a positive response from you sir.

Thank you

Mark Peter

In this way you can draft a teacher request letter to the school principal, or to request for a teacher for home tuition for your child and so on. This teacher request letter can also be used in government run schools where teachers are sent by some main central authority. So if you need a replacement for your school or you have started a new subject and need a teacher you can write this teacher request letter.

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