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Vacation Request Letter

Every person needs a break from the daily routine. Be it with your friends, colleagues or family. A vacation refreshes everyone and is a good form of mental and physical fitness. So if you are planning a vacation and want to draft a vacation request letter to your boss, the sample letter below will help you draft a perfect letter before going for a vacation with your loved ones.


Remember the following points:

  1. Before making any reservations, you must get your leave confirmed from your boss
  2. Please mention specific dates in your vacation request letter - departure date and the date you will resume work
  3. Show your boss that you are sincere about your work and you will make up for all the pending work, once you are back from vacation

You can either send an email to your boss requesting for a leave or give him a letter.

Here is a sample vacation request letter for you ready reference

Jackie Jaze
Client Acquisition officer
ABB Ltd.

Mr. Mark,
Manager- Client acquisition
ABB Ltd.

Dear Sir,

I would like to congratulate you for our success. After five months of hard work we finally got "XYZ" in our clientele. This would not have been possible without your support.

It is my humble request to grant me 10 days of leave, which will help me to refresh and relieve the mental stress.

I wish to go for a holiday with my family to Brazil for a week. Sir, this vacation will only rejuvenate me and will help me perform better. It is my humble request to grant me a leave from 30th January to 8th February, 2011

I assure you a similar dedication and sincerity towards my work once I resume work.

Hope to get a positive reply

Thank you
Jackie Jaze

This is a simple format of vacation request letter. If you are allowed to send an email request for leave, you can send it directly to your boss' email address.

Vacation request letter sample (via email)

To: (manger's email address)
Cc: (if needed add your hr in the cc)
Sub: Request for a vacation

Dear Sir,

As discussed, I am writing this email to apply for a vacation for a period of ten days.

I have not taken any leaves for the past eight months and have shown complete sincerity and dedication to my work.

I need a short vacation to relax and spend some quality time with my family and friends. I assure you that this vacation will help me to perform better and give you better results. So please grant me a leave from 30th January, 2011 - 8th February, 2011.

Kindly approve my vacation request so that I can make the necessary reservations.

I promise you that I will resume my work on the said date and will not give you any chance to complain.

Thank you.
Jackie Jaze

Be it a letter or an email, the purpose of a vacation request is to get it approved from your senior.

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