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Waiver Request Letter

A waiver is a relief from a penalty or action, as per the rights and privileges of each citizen. It is basically a request to relieve you from paying a certain kind of fee, penalty or exemption from certain action. If you find any law, penalty or decision which is against your rights or privileges, you can always ask for a waiver of such jurisdictions.


You can ask a waiver for:

  1. Parking Ticket
  2. Late fees
  3. Penalty, etc.

There is proper procedure for getting it approved. You need to write a waiver request letter and if you don't know how to draft a waiver request letter, this article will help you to draft one. Consider the following case where in the procedure to draft a letter for a waiver of parking ticket is explained.

How to write a letter for waiver of parking ticket?

  1. If you want an exemption from payment of parking ticket fees, then you have to simply draft a waiver request letter for the same. While drafting this letter, you must remember that you are asking for a waiver of a parking fee, and mention this exactly in your letter and avoid a big story of your grievances. Many such letters are rejected because the aim is not specified clearly.
  2. Mention this in your first paragraph itself mentioning the exact details as to about which road or street parking, date and time you are talking about.
  3. Mention the exact area of parking allotted to you and why you exceeded the allotted area. For example if you have 2 feet of parking area allotted, and you parked your vehicle leaving those two feet of allotted area, because of snow filled up there or garbage littered there then you have to mention this specific reason. You can justify that, because of this reason you had parked your vehicle beyond that area.
  4. Defend yourself by showing them your past record wherein you have never been fined or arrested for breaking any of the driving or parking rules.
  5. Attach pictures, if any, of the parking site to prove your statement.
  6. Assure them that henceforth you will abide by the parking laws.
  7. End your letter by specifically requesting, a waiver of the parking fees charged to you.

Sample waiver request letter

Mickey Mike,
12th Street,
Angels Blvd.,
New York - 220012

The Officer,
Traffic and Parking Authority,
New York.

Dear Sir,
I am Mickey Mike and my purpose of writing this letter is to request you a one-time waiver of the parking fees imposed on me.

I have been allotted a two feet parking area on this 12th street near Angel's Blvd. On 25th January, 2011 I had parked my vehicle beyond this allotted space, for which I have been charged a fee of $15.

I had to park my vehicle leaving this space because the area was blocked with snow due to the heavy snowfall for past one week. I always abide by the parking and driving rules and have never been penalized or punished for the same. I have attached a picture of the area with date and time mentioned on it, for your reference.

It is my humble request that you please waive off this parking fees, considering my situation.

Thank You.

Mickey Mike

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