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Board Member Resignation Letter

This is a sample board member resignation letter. The letter has been built in order to help you in building your own resignation letter when you decide to resign from board of director's post. The visitor is free to refer, edit and customize this sample resignation letter.


Sample Board Member Resignation Letter

Ricky Adams
Address: 121 Blue Moon Road
Hopewell Junction
NY - (845) 227 - 1502
E-mail ID:

Subject: Letter of resignation from board of directors of Mermaid Chamber of Commerce, Detroit

Thomas Harris
Managing Director
Mermaid Chamber of Commerce

Dear Mr Harris,

I am writing the letter in order to inform you about my intension to withdraw from board of directors for the Mermaid Chamber of Commerce. I am aware that you all will be shocked with this decision. I am resigning from the job because of my old age and family responsibilities. 7 years back, when you requested me to join the board of directors, I happily accepted the offer. At that time, you were in need of a good experienced person and I too was in need of a post-retirement job. By coming together, we both have fulfilled our tasks. Our good efforts and your hard work have started showing results as our organization stands 3rd in the state in terms of financial results.

I think that you also have now become quite experienced in the field where you can take your own decision. Other than that, there are members like Mr. Smith and Miss Buffet who are eligible to give you correct financial advice. Nowadays, my health does not keep that well as I am suffering from constant health related problems. This is affecting my productivity. So I decided to step down from the position of board of directors.

I wish Mermaid Chamber of Commerce a great success in future. May your organization fulfill all your desired goals. Also I would like you to know that I am always there for the organization. Whenever the organization or the board of directors wants any type of help or advice I am always reachable on my residential number. I would be honored to be of any help.

I thank the organization and the management for showing such faith and respect towards me. Thanking you in advance, Once again best of luck for your future desires.

Thanking you.
Yours sincerely,
(Your signature)
Ricky Adams

Board member resignation letter guides the member in writing his/her own resignation letter in a clear way. The candidate can construct, create or design a very professional letter of resignation with the help of creative ideas and best suggestions, which he/she gets while going through this letter.

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