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Pastor Resignation Letter

The word pastor generally refers to an ordained leader of a Christian congregation. In some countries, the term is also used in relation to protestant churches. Though Pastors are dedicated towards God, they also have a personal life. Because of some personal or professional life, many times they also have to switch their jobs.


Below, you can find a sample pastor resignation letter. The letter has been designed in order to help you while you are writing a resignation letter from the post of Pastor from a church. Hope you get a good guidance. You would be happy to know that, this sample letter has been made available to you for absolutely zero cost. As the letter is in a generalized form, please feel free to copy, edit and customize this sample letter.

Sample Pastor Resignation Letter

Christopher Strauss
Address: 215 Park Street
Washington DC
Phone number: (795) 216 - 9634
E Mail ID:

Date: 27th January 2011

Ross Stinson
Head Administrative Department
St. Mary's church
Washington DC

Subject: Resignation letter from the post of Pastor.

Dear Ross Stinson,

I am writing this letter to formally announce you about my intention to resign from the post of Pastor in St. Mary's church, Washington DC. The reason for this sudden decision is that all of my family is shifting permanently to New Jersey. I am giving the church a notice of 1 month. My last day in the church would be 26th February 2011.

This is a sad moment in my life as I have to leave this church and discontinue this holy work of Jesus which this church gave me the opportunity to do. But as my whole family is shifting, it is mandatory that I should also be with them. For the reason I am writing this letter to you. I request you to accept my resignation. I will make sure that this work of Jesus does not stop. I will join a church from New Jersey and keep serving the God.

I sincerely thank the administrative department and the board of the church for giving me this holy opportunity to serve people. The job gave me immense pleasure and a great feeling of satisfaction. I felt that by marrying people I am doing the most wonderful job in the world. Once again I request you to accept my resignation. Thanking you in advance.

Yours sincerely,
(Your signature)
Christopher Strauss
St. Mary's church

Hope with this sample letter you would be able to design a professional resignation letter when you are resigning from the post of a Pastor.

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