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Resignation Letter Regret

Many times a situation arises that because of some unavoidable reasons, you have to resign from the job. This is a time where you have to do what you need to but there is also a feeling of regret. This is one of the difficult times in your career. So you have to play safe here. A good polite resignation letter with the feeling of regret acts as a softener on the act done by you. You have to make sure that no one is hurt in the process. This is well achieved by a good polite regret letter of resignation.


Here we present to you a sample resignation letter regret, which can prove instrumental in designing your own resignation letter. You would be quite pleased to know that we make this letter available to you for zero bucks! So go ahead, copy the letter and make changes in it as required and your personal regret resignation letter is ready!

Sample Resignation Letter Regret

Jeff Taylor
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Date: 5th January 2011

Robert Martin
Senior Store Manager
Safe Express Suppliers

Subject: Letter of resignation from the post of a store executive

Dear Robert Martin,

With great feeling of regret, I am writing this letter to you. I have to mention that I wish to resign from my current post as stores executives in Safe Express Suppliers. I am giving 15 day's notice period. 20 January 2011that is a Saturday is going to be my last day in the organization. I know it would come all of a sudden to you but trust me that it was never my intention. It is just that all things happened so quickly; that even I was amazed by the happenings. Just two days back my friend called me up and informed that he is opening a new store for his business. He insisted me to be his main operations manager at the store. He also offered me good salary and amenities. Moreover, in my bad days he has helped me a lot. So it was just not possible for me to reject this offer.

I have to join the duty in Indianapolis from first of next month. So considering all the constraints like travelling and settling in new city, I need time of 10 days. That is the reason why I had to give you a short notice of only 15 days.

I should admit that, Safe Express Suppliers have given me an excellent and extensive experience of store management during the time of my employment. I found many great colleagues who have become very close friends in the course of time. The friendly atmosphere in the office and also on the floor has always encouraged me to deliver the best results. An excellent professional attitude was developed in me during this course. I am sure that these professional skills are going to be useful in my future career flow.

From the bottom of my heart once again, I regret for my sudden resignation. I thank Safe Express Suppliers for all the great memories they have given me. Best of luck for your future goals and expansions. Thanking you in advance.

Yours sincerely,
(Your signature)
Jeff Taylor

As the above sample resignation letter regret letter is in the generalized form, you will have to edit the details in this letter with your personal details. We hope that you make a good resignation letter out of it.

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