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Sample Resignation Letter with Reason

In your professional life, a situation may arise when you have to suddenly resign from your job because of a particular reason. There can be many such reasons like, health problem, family problem, work hate or conflict with anyone in the organization etc. For this situation, you need a good resignation letter, which has to be sent to the company personnel. Here arises a need of a good resignation letter.


Here you can find a sample resignation letter with reason. Referring to this, you can design your own resignation letter. We would like you to know that this sample letter is made available to you absolutely free of cost. You are free to refer, copy and edit the letter if you wish to do so. So go ahead and make a professional resignation letter. Best of luck!

Sample Resignation Letter with Reason

James Smith
Address: 279 Park Street
Phone number: (301) 722 - 8190
E Mail ID:

Date: 10th December 2010

Laura Parker
Human resource Manager
Macro Softwares

Subject: Letter of resignation from the post of a Senior Accountant

Dear Mrs. Parker,

With great feeling of regret I am posting this letter to you. I am on sick leave from 12th November 2010 because of my severe back pain. I have been able to recover quite well since then. But the bad news is that, doctors have strongly advised me not to live in cold places; otherwise my back pain problems will start again. They have suggested me cities where the weather conditions are not that chilly. As our town Anchorage is one of the colder places in Alaska, I am advised not to stay here by my orthopedic doctor. For the reason sadly, I have to move to a new place and thus I have to resign from my current position as a Senior Accountant from Macro Softwares.

Thus, I am writing this resignation letter to you. I will not be able to rejoin office because of the health problem. I strongly apologize for this type of behavior but I have no other choice than this. Hope you can understand my situation. I am thankful to all the people in our organization who have helped me in the course of my employment and especially my boss Mr. Jason Hall. He has stood by me in every situation and I was fortunate to get a wonderful person like him as my boss. I am sure that I will miss the friendly behavior in our organization wherever I go. I understand that because of my sudden exit there will be much confusion with the accounts. I assure you that I am ready to solve any query related to this; I am available to you at any point of time in a day on telephone.

I wish Macro Softwares best of luck in their every future activity. Once again I mention my feeling of regret. Hope you will understand my problem and accept my resignation. Thanking you in advance.

Yours sincerely,
(Your signature)
James Smith
Senior Accountant

We hope that using this sample resignation letter with a genuine reason will be easy in convincing your employer.

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