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Romantic Letter to FiancÚ

It is true that writing a letter to express your deep thoughts of love is special and interesting to bring the love charm back if it is missing or to strengthen the existing love bond. However, when we talk of love, romance, it is not necessarily limited to the couples who fall in love. Instead, those who are engaged can also feel romance and love amongst each other and feel the need to cultivate this special feel and relation before they actually get married and step up a further milestone of relationship and marriage. If you are a to-be-bride and looking for some ideas to write a romantic letter to fiancÚ, then you are at the correct place. Read the article to get an idea of how to go about.


Tips to write romantic letter to a fiancÚ:

  1. Use special stationery to write your letter, it is advised to create your own hand-made stationery, with some artistic work, picture or flowers pasted on paper and use of color glitter pens is suggested.
  2. Write the letter in your handwriting. A hand-written romantic letter will be more personal and impressive.
  3. Relax in peace. You need not to be a writer or poet to write the letter; it only has to be simple, heartfelt and realistic. So be pure and straightforward with your expressing style.
  4. Reflect the thoughts about your fiancÚ, how you felt the day you saw him first, met him first, what you love the most about him, how you endure his distance, and how are you are expecting your future life to be.
  5. Reiterate, why you fell in love with him and how better he made your life with his acceptance and presence.

Sample romantic letter for a fiancÚ:

Date: January 12, 2011

Dear Marshall,

I apologize, for how a poor writer I am and really not sure of being able of expressing the way I feel for you. I want you to know how excited and nervous I am while I think of the day that we will be declared as man and wife in the church and our new journey of life will begin together.

I still remember the day when my dad had asked me about my expectations from a life-partner and I turned blank, as I had never thought about it. The day I saw you, my heart answered my dad's call and said that nothing could be better than you. No one else could have been better to be my hubby. You are handsome, sensitive, caring and so energetic.

With very few meetings that we had, you took my heart away and gave me all the happiness that I could have ever dreamt of.

I am waiting for the day of our marriage to stay every moment with you and to start our joyful married life journey.

With love,

There is no second thought for whether there is any other feeling more wonderful than love. Of course, it is not. So write a romantic letter to fiancÚ to let him know he is missed and loved.

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