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5k Sponsorship Letter

When you feel that you are short of funds at the time of organizing an event, the best way is to ask for a sponsorship to a person and/or an organization. If your institution is educational, there is high probability that education related organization like coaching classes would sponsor your event.


Here we present to you the sample letter for 5k sponsorship letter. With the help of this letter, you can build a sponsorship plea letter when you want the sponsorship of 5000 bucks. We are happy to inform you that this sample letter of sponsorship is available to you absolutely free of cost. But, as the letter is in a generalized format, you will have to edit the details mentioned in the letter with your details e.g. Name, address, designations etc.

5k sponsorship letter

Phoebe Lewis
Holy Family Junior College
215 Park Street
East Main Road
Phone number: (401) 729 - 8140
E Mail ID:

Date: 17Th January 2011

Mr. Ross Black.
Microchip Software Institute
Phase 2
Information Technology Park

Subject: Letter for requesting the sponsorship of $5000 for Fun Fest Event.

Dear Mr. Black,

I am writing this letter with the intention to request sponsorship for our college's event. Our college has decided to organize a 3-day annual event of fun fair in the college campus. I have been chosen as an event coordinator by the college management. Based on last year's expenditure for the event, we are expecting a cost of $10000 for this year. This year we have decided to organize the event from 12th February to 14th February.

In this year's fun fair, we have organized many interesting competitions like "Best Chef of College", "Best Magician of College", "Best Dancer", "Best Couple" etc. Along with college students, a 5-member team from ten different colleges has been specially invited for this event. As an event coordinator, I am herewith requesting your institute for the sponsorship of $5000 for this event. I am sure that you will be able to reach maximum number of students through this event and hence attract many students towards your institute's courses. By investing $5000, you will be able to catch the attention of the students from different colleges. If you do sponsor our event, we will distribute your pamphlets. In addition, your institute will be given a 12 foot X 12 foot of counter in the middle of the event area. You can display your different courses you have to offer over there. We are sure that the event is going to be a great success.

If you wish to sponsor our event, you would have to draw a demand draft of $5000 in the name of "Holy Family Junior College", payable at "Indianapolis". We are looking forward to your positive reply. Thanking you in advance.

Yours sincerely,
(Your signature)
Phoebe Lewis
Event Coordinator
Holy Family Junior College

We hope that using this 5k sponsorship letter as a sample, you will be able to build a good sponsorship request letter. Best of luck! Hope you get the sponsorship.

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