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Basketball Sponsorship Letter

Basketball is one of the most popular games in America! There are many basketball clubs. Almost all of these arrange their own competition every year. For these competitions, they look out for sponsors. In these cases, first they need to write a letter of sponsorship plea to your future sponsor. Writing of a good professional sponsorship request letter is very important because many things are dependent on that.


Below, you can find a sample basketball sponsorship letter. Refer this letter. This will help you in designing your own sponsorship plea letter. We are happy to inform you that this letter is available for your reference totally free of cost. You are free to copy this letter. Go ahead, edit and customize this sample letter as per your convenience and requirements.

Sample Basketball Sponsorship Letter

Linda Dias
Address: 215 Park Street,
Washington DC
Phone number: (795) 216 - 9634
E Mail ID:

Date: 20th December 2010

Patricia Allen
Chief Executive Manager
Sunoco Logistics Partners
Washington DC

Dear Mrs. Allen,

I am writing this letter with the intention to request sponsorship for our basketball tournament. My friends and I have a basketball club on park street, Cumberland. The name of the club is "Solaris Basketball Club". We formed a club on 13th February 2008. The club was established with the aim to promote basketball. This year, we have decided to arrange a basketball tournament in our club. This year, we have 8 teams from all over the city participating for the tournament. If this tournament proves a success, we will be arranging the tournament every year. As 5 teams out of these 8 are state level teams, the tournament is sure to rock. The teams have good fan following along with individual player's followers.

Many people would come to see the matches. We are expecting a minimum number of 100 people for all the matches. We have in all 17 matches. We will need a sponsorship of $2000 for our event. Though our tournament is new, we are working hard for it and the tournament is going to be a great success. By sponsoring our event, you will surely get a good deal. We offer you some exclusive advertisement deals against you sponsorship. Firstly, the tournament will be called as "Sunoco Cup". Secondly, all the players from our own team will wear jerseys that have name and the logo of your company printed. In addition to this, your organization's name will be printed on every advertisement and hoardings as our "Proud Sponsors".

We hope that we have given you satisfactory advertisement promises. If you wish to talk on some terms, you may contact us on (795) 216 - 9634 at any time during the working hours. If you wish to sponsor us, please draw a check in the name of "Solaris Basketball Club". Also, please send your logo so that we can print it on our jerseys. I once again request you for the sponsorship to the tournament. Thanking you advance.

Yours sincerely,
(Your signature)
Linda Dias
Solaris Basketball Club
Washington DC

We sincerely hope that this sample basketball sponsorship letter will help you in composing you own letter of sponsorship request.

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