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Cheerleading Sponsorship Letter

Baseball is one of the most popular games in the U.S.A.! There are many baseball clubs in America. Almost all of these clubs arrange their competitions every year. Other than actual play, there are many aspects of the game, which has to be taken care of. One of these aspects is cheerleading. If the tournament is small, you look out for only one sponsor who sponsors your event. But if the tournament is on a large scale, you have to look out for sponsors for every aspect. Even for cheerleading, you have to go for a sponsor. For getting the sponsorship, first you need to write a letter of sponsorship plea to your future sponsor. Writing of a good professional sponsorship request letter is very important, as your first impression is your last impression.


Below, you can find a sample cheerleading sponsorship letter. Refer this letter. This will help you in designing your own sponsorship plea letter. We are happy to inform you that this letter is available for your reference totally free of cost. You are free to copy this letter. Go ahead, edit and customize this sample letter as per your convenience and requirements.

Sample Cheerleading Sponsorship Letter

Linda Dias
Address: 215 Park Street,
Washington DC
Phone number: (795) 216 - 9634
E Mail ID:

Date: 20th December 2010

Patricia Allen
Chief Executive Manager
Sunoco Logistics Partners
Washington DC

Dear Mrs. Allen,

We have a baseball club named "Washington United". We founded the club in June 1995. Our club is now 15 years old. As per every year, we are going to arrange an interclub baseball tournament this year too. Every year this tournament proves to be of great success. This year also it is bound to rock! Till date as many as 13 teams have confirmed their registration and we are expecting 4 more teams in the tournament. I am writing this letter with the intention to request cheerleading sponsorship for our baseball tournament.

This year we have decided to arrange the tournament from 16th March to 10th April. The tournament will be played in four stages. In first 10 days, qualifying stage matches will be played. In next 8 days, finals will be played. Third stage is the semi final matches for 2 days and on 10th April final match will be played. For all the matches, we have arranged 10 cheerleaders. We are expecting a sponsorship of $2500 for the cheerleading from your side. In return, we will print logo and name of your organization on cheerleader's dresses. We are expecting a crowd of 4000 spectators for the competition. You will be able to reach out to such a large number of prospective customers via our advertisements. If you wish to sponsor us, please contact on the number: (795) 216 - 9634 any time in office hours. We are reachable via email too. Our email address is: Please confirm your sponsorship before 25th January 2011.

We are looking forward to your sponsorship. Thanking you in advance.

Yours sincerely,
(Your signature)
Linda Dias
Founder Member
"Washington United"

We hope that this sample cheerleading sponsorship letter will prove instrumental in building up your own letter when you are looking for a cheerleading sponsor for an event. Best of luck! Hope you get the desired sponsorship!

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