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Church Sponsorship Letter

The church belongs to almighty God! But still, to run any organization there has to be some financial support required. Many corporate organizations and also some small scale industries serve the church financially. There are different systems in different churches. Some churches opt for an option of getting the financial support to the church continuously for many years from only one organization. While some other churches give opportunity to serve God, to many people by allowing one organization every year to fund them.


Following is a sample church sponsorship letter, which will help you to write a church sponsorship request letter to a person or an organization. We are happy to inform you that this sample letter has been made available to you absolutely free of cost. As the sample letter is in a generalized form, you will have to edit the letter as per your needs and specifications. Hope you can make a good letter out of it.

Sample Church Sponsorship Letter

Margaret Bing
Address: House #108
South Down Street
New York
Phone number: (101) 463 - 8749
E Mail ID:

Date: 16th December 2010

Dorothy Carter
Bank Manager
Bausch and Lomb Management Consultants,
Empire State Building
Walker Street
New York

Subject: Letter asking for a church sponsorship.

Dear Mrs. Carter,

We are a trust named "Holy Family". We have 12 churches in New York and New Jersey under our trust. Every year, we give the opportunity to different organizations to sponsor one of churches. As per the application given by you 2 years back, we are approaching you this year asking for a sponsorship to the "St. Cathedral Church". The church is located on the East Main Road of the New York City. The Permanent Registration Number (PNR) of the church is NY2753.As a church administrative assistant and on the behalf of Father Mr. Agnel, I am writing this letter to you.

The church is famous for its ancient look. The church arranges many functions and ceremonies every year. Holy marriages are performed in the church. The church is thinking of building a new hall for hosting bigger ceremonies. As the area of the church is quite big, maintenance cost is also high. For the reason, the sponsorship money for this specific church is a bit higher. We will be requiring a sponsorship of $15000 from your organization. We would like to remind you of the rule that all donations and sponsorships given to the churches ran by the registered trust are exempted from the income tax as per the United States Laws. You can contact us on (101) 576 - 7813. You can also mail us on Please confirm your sponsorship by 27th January 2011.

We are sure that you will help us in this holy work. Looking forward to your positive reply. Thanking you in advance.

Yours sincerely,
(Your signature)
Margaret Bing
Church Administrative Assistant
St. Cathedral Church
New York

This sample church sponsorship letter will definitely prove useful in designing your own letter when you want to request an organization for sponsoring a church.

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