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Decline Sponsorship Letter

You may come across a situation where you are requested by a person or an organization for sponsoring some event or activity of them. Some time you do sponsor but sometimes it is not possible for you to sponsor the event. This is a crucial time for you as you have to deny the sponsorship and also you don't want to spoil the relations with the concerned organization or person. For denying the sponsorship you have to write a polite formal letter to them in which you have to mention why you are not able to sponsor the event.


A polite letter improves your image in the concerned person's mind though you have rejected their offer. Following you can find a sample decline sponsorship letter with the help of which you can write a polite letter for declining the sponsorship. We are pleased to inform you that this sample letter has been made available to you absolutely free of cost. You are free to copy this letter. As the letter is in generalized form you will have to replace the personal details mentioned in the letter with your details like name, address, concerned person etc. So go ahead make a professional letter of declining sponsorship!

Sample Decline Sponsorship Letter

Allen Campbell
Public Relations Manager
Ultimate Solutions,
215 North-East Street,
New Jersey
Phone number: (301) 798 - 5476

Date: 21st June 2010

James Moore.
Event Coordinator
St. Andrew's High School
New Jersey

Subject: Letter of declining the sponsorship offer.

Dear Mr. James Moore,

Thank you for the very kind offer of sponsorship to your event. We are very honored by your offer. Though, unfortunately I am writing this letter to formally inform you that Ultimate Solutions is declining the offer of sponsorship which was requested by you for your tree plantation drive. I should mention here that with a great feeling of regret we are composing this letter for you. The organization was really interested in your offer but as because this is a time of financial year end; the organization is not in the position to sponsor such a big event. There are some funds left from the yearly budget but they are not sufficient for as big as event you are looking forward to.

The organization heartily congratulates you for the wonderful work you are doing. Your drive will surely help in improving the environment. Once again we convey our sincere apologies to the school management. Though we cannot sponsor the event, organization has decided to fund $1000 for this event. Please send us the details to whose name the cheque should be drawn. The organization wishes you best of luck for your drive. Do well.

Yours sincerely,
(Your signature)
Allen Campbell
Public Relations Manager
Ultimate Solutions

We hope that this sample decline sponsorship letter will prove instrumental in building up your own letter when you are declining sponsorship offered to you or your organization. Best of luck!

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