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Education Sponsorship Letter

You may come across a situation where you want to pursue some educational course from an organization but are not in a financially affordable state. You are afraid of loosing this golden chance because of finance issues. In this situation, best way is to ask for sponsorship for your education to a person or an organization. For this, you must first write a letter requesting sponsorship for your course. This is a very important stage, as a good and professional letter can convince the person or company to whom you are applying for the sponsorship. To write the letter in clear and lucid format, best way is to refer a sample letter.


Here we present to you the sample education sponsorship letter. You are free to refer this letter. Feel free to download, change and edit this sample letter as per your details. We are happy to inform you that we do not charge anything for this letter. So go ahead make a professional letter!

Sample Education Sponsorship Letter

Davis Schwimmer
Address: 215 South Park Street,
Phone number: (301) 722 - 8190
E Mail ID:

Date: 23rd December 2010

Patricia Allen
Public Relations Manager
Sunoco Logistics Partners

Subject: Letter of request for sponsoring education of Mr. Davis Schwimmer.

Dear Mrs. Allen,

My name is Davis Shwimmer. I have completed my Bachelor of Science degree with specialization in microbiology in the year of 2009 from University of Chicado scoring 70.34 % aggregate marks. Currently I am working as a support staff in Dr. Dias' Laboratory, Chicago.

I am willing to do masters in virology from University of New York. For that, I was supposed to give the entrance exam. I scored 94 percentile in the examination. Also as I have distinction in the degree exam, I am totally eligible for the admission in New York University. But the course fee for this particular course is very high. In addition to this, the accommodation and food charges are quite high. Though all the facilities like traveling, internet will be provided by the university, we need to pay all other expenses before taking admission into the university. The total cost of all this rises up to $22000. But because of my bad financial condition I am on the verge of loosing this excellent opportunity.

I have heard much about your organization's student scholarship program. I am requesting you to consider my plea. From the bottom of my heart, I want to pursue this course. I am sure that I will make a wonderful career in virology. I have been a bright student from my school days. With this letter, I am attaching my all important mark sheets for your reference. You can also find a recommendation letter from my professor named Mr. Kevin Knight. Please consider my application. I am eagerly waiting for your positive reply.

Yours sincerely,
(Your signature)
Davis Schwimmer

We are sure that this sample education sponsorship letter will help you in composing a good letter, which will assist in impressing your prospect sponsor. By writing a perfect letter, you increase your chances of getting sponsorship. Hope you get the desired sponsorship. Best of luck for your career!

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