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Fashion Show Sponsorship Letter

If you are a designer or a person who arranges fashion shows, many times you come across a situation where you need a sponsor for your fashion show. The formal procedure to apply for sponsorship is to write a formal letter of application to your prospective sponsor. If he accepts your plea, the person or the organization sponsors your show. Therefore, this request letter comes as a very important factor in the whole picture. If any thing goes wrong in this, the whole procedure gets affected and the chances of getting a sponsorship dims drastically. Writing a sponsorship letter after referring to a sample letter is the best way to compose a good letter.


Here we have made available to you a sample fashion show sponsorship letter. You would be pleased to know that this sample letter is available to you without spending a penny. You are free to copy, edit and customize this sample letter as per your requirements. So go ahead and make your own letter.

Sample Fashion Show Sponsorship Letter

James Smith
Address: 279 Park Street
Phone number: (301) 722 - 8190
E Mail ID:

Date: 10th December 2010

Laura Parker
Lakme Fashion Magazine

Subject: Letter requesting sponsorship for fashion show.

Dear Mrs. Walker,

I am an upcoming fashion designer from Miami. I have my own fashion boutique named "Trendsetter" on the North East Street. I have been involved in many fashion shows for the last 10 years. I have worked with the legends from the industry like Mr. Ross Baker, Miss Rachel Bing etc. I have gained confidence from them and I have learned many new things from these great fashion personalities. I was nominated 3 times for the Best Bridal Dress Award of the year and succeeded in achieving the award in 2008.

My hard work and dedication has finally paid off and I have been chosen by the management to perform my fashion show in Miami Fashion Week. Miami Fashion week holds a great amount of respect in the eyes of fashion world. This is a golden opportunity for me. I have to make things work this time. This fashion show can take me places. I am working hard on my designs and the stitching of designer dresses. With hard work of 3 months, all the things are now falling in place. The only thing now I need is a good sponsor who has faith in me. I am sure that this fashion show is going to be a great success. Your organization has a reputation of supporting new talent. From the bottom of my heart, I request you to sponsor my event. I would need a sponsorship of $5000. If you wish to sponsor me, please contact me on the number mentioned above. If you decide to sponsor the event, please draw the cheque in the name of James Smith.

I assure you if you sponsor me I will not let your reputation down. I once again request you to sponsor my fashion show. Hope you consider my request. Thanking you in advance.

Yours sincerely,
(Your signature)
James Smith
Fashion Designer

We sincerely hope that this sample fashion show sponsorship letter helps you in building a good letter, which will impress your future sponsor. Hope you get the sponsorship. Best of luck for future!

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