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Immigration Sponsorship Letter

A person interested in immigrating to the other country on a temporary or permanent basis requires a sponsor in order for his visa approval. This sponsor may be an individual or an organization. The sponsor acts as a guarantor. He guarantees for the foreign party's financial viability, good behavior and honest intentions while he is on the foreign soil. Now, you may come across a situation where you have to go to some other country for reasons like education, work etc., you have the opportunity but you are not getting an immigration sponsor in that country.


Here you can find a sample immigration sponsorship letter. This letter is sure to help you in writing a sponsorship plea letter for your immigration. The sample letter is available to you for free! You are free to copy this letter. However, we have designed this letter in a general format. So, you will have to replace the details mentioned in this letter with your details. These details include names, addresses, email id, telephone numbers etc.

Sample Immigration Sponsorship Letter

Jeff Taylor
Address: Zip Codes Lookup
44 School St. Suite 988
Phone number: (617) 861 - 6984
E Mail ID:

Date: 5th January 2011

Robert Martin
Public Relations Manager
Safe Express Suppliers

Subject: Letter of request about sponsoring immigration.

Dear Mr. Martin,
I am a student from Boston. I have pursued Bachelor of Management degree with principal subject as Finance from University of Boston scoring 63.32% marks aggregate securing first class in the year 2009. I was working with your organization for last 10 months as a trainee in finance department. I was dreaming to do Masters in Business Management from University of Oxford. For the reason I appeared for a common entrance test conducted by them. I scored 92 percentile marks in the exam and I am one of the 75 students which they have selected for the course and was offered a scholarship.

All my admission, hostel fees, food arrangements are going to be taken care of from the scholarship. But I am not able to find a sponsor for my immigration. The organization which sponsors me must be registered in U.K. according to the laws. As our organization is United Kingdom based, I am writing this sponsorship request letter to you. From the bottom of my heart I request you to sponsor my immigration. I assure you that every single buck which you spend on me will be worth it. I will study hard and get excellent results.

Hope you consider my plea. Thanking you in advance!

Yours sincerely,
(Your signature)
Jeff Taylor

We sincerely hope that this sample immigration sponsorship letter will prove instrumental in designing your personal immigration sponsorship plea letter for an organization. Hope you get your desired immigration sponsorship. Best of luck for your future!

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