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Sample Golf Tournament Sponsorship Letter

Here you can find a sample golf tournament sponsorship letter. This letter is sure to help you in writing a sponsorship plea letter for the golf tournament arranged by you. We are very happy to inform you that this sample letter has been made available to you absolutely free of cost. However, we have designed this letter in a general format. So, you will have to replace the details mentioned in this letter with your details. These details include names, addresses, email id, telephone numbers etc.


Sample Golf Tournament Sponsorship Letter

Jeff Taylor
Address: Zip Codes Lookup,
44 School St. Suite 988,
Phone number: (617) 861 - 6984
E Mail ID:

Date: 5th January 2011

Robert Martin
Senior Store Manager
Safe Express Suppliers

Subject: Letter of request for sponsoring golf tournament.

Dear Mr. Martin,
We have a golf club named "City Golf Club". It was founded in 2005. Since last 5 years, many people have become proud members of the club. At this point of time, the club holds the strength of 83 members. In these 5 years, the club used to arrange golf competition for club members. However, this time the club has decided to open the doors and organize the tournament on a bigger platform. This year we are planning to arrange an inter club competition. The proposed tournament is from 15th March - 20th March. We have already spoken to 12 different clubs and have succeeded in achieving their commitment about their participation in the tournament. Each club is allowed to send entry as many as desired. We are expecting 50-60 participants for this tournament. To make this event even bigger we have collaborated with "The Daily News" group. They are going to serve as the media partners for this tournament.

As the chief coordinating and accountancy officer for the club, I am writing this request letter asking you to sponsor our event. The club is expecting the sponsorship of $10000. This is going to be one of the big golf competitions of this year as the clubs from different states are participating in the competition. Individual players who wish to play are also allowed to play. If you sponsor our tournament, we will advertise your organization in two ways. First, the competition will be named as "Safe Express Cup". This advertisement will give you a huge stage to expand your business and secondly, your organization's name will be printed as "our proud sponsors" on every pamphlet and hoarding. In addition to all this, your organization's Chairman will be given the honor of being the chief guest for the prize distribution ceremony.

We hope that we have offered you a very good deal. Hope you like it and sponsor our event. If you want to discuss on some issues, please feel free to call on the number given above during office timings. Thanking you in advance

Yours sincerely,
(Your signature)
Jeff Taylor
Chief Coordinator
City Golf Club

We are confident that, this sample golf tournament sponsorship letter will help you in drafting a good professional letter to the future sponsor. Hope you get the sponsorship. Best of luck!

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