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Sports Sponsorship Letter

When your institute arranges a sports event, then there are some funds given by the institute for the event. However, mostly these funds are insufficient, as there are many different types of expenses. Therefore, at this time you have to request a person or an institution for sponsoring your event. To formally request, you need to draft a professional letter of request for sponsorship. If your letter impresses the person and he agrees upon the terms, the person or institute sponsors your sports event.


Here you can find a sample sports sponsorship letter. We are happy to inform you that this sample letter is available to you absolutely free of cost! As the letter is in a generalized form, you may have to edit the details mentioned in the letter with your details. You are free to copy and customize this sample letter as per your convenience. So go ahead and make your very own request letter of sponsorship!

Sample Sports Sponsorship Letter

Betty Green
Address: 625 South Park Street,
Washington DC
Phone number: (301) 722 - 8190
E Mail ID:

Date: 20 December 2010

Robert Thompson.
Washington Sports Utilities
21 Schools Lane
Washington DC 52412

Subject: To request for sponsorship.

Dear Mr. Thompson,

As the head game coordinator of the sports committee, I am writing this request letter to you on behalf of our institute. Our institute is happy to offer you the chance to sponsor our sports week event. Our college is arranging a sports week in college from 10 to 14 January 2011. In this event, we are going to include seven different games, which consist of football, basketball, rugby, chess, lawn tennis, table tennis and sports quiz. In first 3 days, primary rounds of all the games would be conducted. On the fourth day, semi finals and on the fifth i.e. the last day, final matches with prize distribution will be conducted. As guests, we have invited 50 students from 10 different schools in Washington. We have managed "The Daily Times", to be the media partner for this event.

As the sports utilities provider, we are requesting you for sponsoring our event by providing sports equipments for these games. We need three footballs, 2 basketballs, 10 lawn tennis rackets, 10 table tennis rackets and 5 rugby balls. While you sponsor the event, as a payback, all the participants with volunteers will wear sports jerseys with your logo and name. In addition to this, we will be displaying your name as the "Event Sponsorer" in the advertisement, which we will be publishing in the newspaper. We are sure that with these advertisements, you will be able to reach many new customers. If you wish to sponsor us, please contact on (301) 45 - 2314 till 28th December.

Looking forward to your positive reply. If you want to add some points in the advertising part, feel free to contact us. Hope you accept our request. Thanking you in advance.

Yours sincerely,
(Your signature)
Ronald Robinson
Sports Coordinator
St. Andrew's High School

This sample letter will help you to build a good quality sports sponsorship letter. Hope you get the desired sponsorship. Best of Luck!

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