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Team Sponsorship Letter

While you request a person or an organization for sponsoring your team, you first need to write a good sponsorship plea letter. For building a professional letter, the best way is to refer to a professional sample letter. With the help of which; it is easy to write the letter. Here we present to you a sample softball sponsorship letter, based on it, you can write your own letter. You are free to copy this letter and make changes in it. Also we are happy to inform you that this letter is available to you without spending a penny! As the letter is in a generalized form, you will have to edit the details mentioned in the letter with your details.


Sample Softball Sponsorship Letter

Maria Walker
Address: 27 Bluebonnet Boulevard
Baton Rouge
Nevada City
Detroit 9225
Phone No: 530 - 623 - 9988
Email ID:

Date: 22nd December 2010

Donald Garcia
G.K. Sports Associates
(105) 135 - 7352

Subject: Letter of sponsorship request to G.K. Sports Associates.

Dear Mr. Garcia,

I am writing on the behalf of "Holy Family High School, Detroit". Our school takes part in many competitions like basketball, softball, football, carom etc. Along with these sports, we have a very good cricket team. The cricket team is very well trained and athletic. It has played in many tournaments and has been successful in achieving 2 championships and 3 runner up trophies.

The United States Cricket Board (USCB) is the main board who takes care of all the activities related to cricket in the country. To promote the cricket in the country from this year, USCB has decided to host a tournament in Washington DC. This is a big event. With as many as 20 teams participating in the competition you might get an idea how grand this competition is. These teams have been chosen via playing on the city level. From the Atlanta city, only one team has qualified and that is ours.

The event will be conducted from 20th February to 7th March 2011. As this is quite a long period and we have to pay for our stay and food arrangements, the estimated cost is quite high; we are in search of a sponsor. For the reason, as a coach and coordinator of the cricket team, I am writing this letter. We have estimated expenditure of $10000. On behalf of our school from bottom of my heart, I request you to sponsor our event. As a sponsor of our team, in return we offer you the advertisement. The team and all the support staff will be wearing the jerseys that have your company's name printed on it. Also a sticker with your company's logo will be stacked on each bat which will be used throughout the tournament. If you are happy with the advertisement deals and ready to sponsor us, please let us know. If there is anything you would like to discuss with us, we all are ears. Once again, I request you to sponsor our team. I guarantee you that our team will not let you down and we will surely go at least to the semi-finals and hopefully win the cup. Looking forward to your reply. Thanking you in advance.

Yours sincerely,
(Your signature)
Ronald Robinson

Sample team sponsorship letter will guide you to make up a professional sponsorship request letter. Best of luck!

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