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Saying Thank You to Friend

A friend is a person that shares a bond with you, and this attachment is based on personal feelings and affection. Friends are people you can rely on, for time, patience, advice, support, and anything under the sun that is required by you during that particular circumstance. Hence, friends make our lives seem easy and fun to live. Since your friends are always there with you when needed, there's always a chance of you taking him for granted. Saying thank you to a friend for all his care, love and concern reassures him of being treasured by you.


What to include in a thank you letter to friend:

Everyone has a good friend at all times of life, but a few lucky ones have the same friend for the rest of their lives. There need not be any materialistic reason or trying time to thank a friend. It can be sent without any specific moment requiring you to do so. Hence these letters are difficult to draft but are always treasured as a token of unconditional love imparted.

Things to consider while thanking a good friend:

A thank you letter to a friend is a personal letter. You may send a commercial thank you card or an e-card according to your feelings but it is always better to write the letter on your own, straight from your heart. You may use special stationery like letter pad, glitter ball pens etc. to write the thank you letter. If the friend is not too far, then even hand delivery of the letter makes a sweet and nice impact.

Sample thanking letter to a friend:


Dear Sophie,

I don't say this as often as I feel it, but I want you to know that you are a friend forever to me. I thank you for being such a nice friend. You are always there when I need you to be, you always do what is good for me and possible for you, you always listen to whatever I have to say, you always seem to come up with a nice way to cheer me up when I'm low, you always make me laugh when I turn blue.

You are a treasure close to my heart and hold great importance place in my life. I count on you when I need any kind of support and you never disappoint me. You have been there to guide me through my career as well as to support my love life.

I once again would like to thank you for giving me so much of you and for lending your loving hand to me. You are one of a kind and I feel blessed to have gotten you as my friend. I assure when you need a close friend you can always count on me.

With love,

You do not need to say thank you to a friend often, but at the same time it is not nice to take them for granted. Their actions towards you are out of pure love, and you need to let them know that you acknowledge that.

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