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Recommendation To Whom It May Concern Letter

At any point in life, you may be required to write a recommendation letter for someone. It might be someone in your acquaintance, a former employee or student, friend, or a tenant. A recommendation letter is a confidential evaluation of an individual's capability and skills. Hence, it is good, if someone who knows the individual very well writes such a letter. These letters give an insight of the recommended person and provide a brief description of the qualities one possess. If you are approached to write to whom it may concern letter of recommendation, then get ready to answer few questions, are you the legitimate person to write this letter, have you known the candidate for long to analyze him, and are you comfortable to write such a letter.


These letters have multiple uses, and hence should have a salutation 'to whom it may concern'. You may need to write such a letter for a student to seek admission to a graduate program, employee to seek a new job, tenant to search a new landlord etc.

Sample recommendation letter for a student:

St. Merry College for girls
410 Beach Avenue Road, Columbus, Ohio
United States 65212 Ph: 478-956-1234
Fax: 784-965-4238

Date: January 12, 2011

To Whom It May Concern

Subject: Recommendation letter for Claudia Joseph

I am herewith experiencing immense pleasure to write this letter for recommending Ms. Claudia Joseph for your university program. It has been 3 years of my association with her in the capacity of Dean of the College.

I have witnessed this lady's maturity and sincerity growing as an individual. Claudia is hardworking, compassionate, bright and indisputably an all-rounder. I am in her contact, since the day of her admission to the college and she has always succeeded in receiving my admiration for her nature, discipline and academic achievements. She is a self-motivated, enthusiastic student who has never turned her back to go an extra mile to shine amongst the peer group.

Apart from being a brilliant student in academics, she is enthusiastic to quench her thirst in co curricular activities through participating in drama, music and sports. She has consistently won the best singer award for last three academic years in the Inter-College singing competition.

Besides being an all-rounder student, she is a good human being and has always helped her fellow students in every possible way. She not only brings difference to herself but to her fellow students also.

Due to relocation from Ohio to Virginia, Claudia is seeking admission to your University for her further studies and bachelors in commerce. I strongly recommend Ms. Claudia Joseph for her studies and am confident that she would bring all good to your University. Feel free to call me for any clarifications.

Chris Jones
St. Merry College

With this sample article, I hope you will be confident to write to whom it may concern letter of recommendation, for any scenarios that are mentioned above. You only need to follow the given outline and template and then customize the body of the letter as per your requirement.

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