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To Whom It May Concern Letter Format

Are you amongst those, who find writing 'to whom it may concern' letter confusing and difficult. It is not that complex. You just need to pay attention to some details and the job is done. This is an internet era but writing letter is inevitable and is done more often than not. It is by and large observed that people find letter writing itself difficult and when it comes to formal letter writing then the job becomes tougher. However, the knowledge of some basic features and rules of letter writing, moreover formal letter writing makes the task much easier.


There may be scenarios where you do not know about who is the addressed person of the letter, there you need to write 'to whom it may concern' letter. Such scenarios generally are, experience letter, recommendation letter, reference letter for character, acknowledgement letters and so on.

Template for whom it may concern letter: This letter is written in formal business letter style. So this letter needs to meet the basics of formal business writing etiquettes. Following the template will suffice you to get the understanding of the standards of business writing. However, as already said, these letters address various scenarios like experience letter, character reference letter etc. hence the body of the letter will differ in accordance with the subject matter.


Sender's address

Name of the organization

Address line
(If you are writing a letter, on the organization/business letterheads, then avoid the section containing your name and contact information, as it will contribute to repetition. It is highly suggested that you mention your email address or phone number, allowing the reader to contact you)

Always denote the date below your personal information. In case of a letterhead start letter with the date, or else give the date as in this template.

Re Line:
Do not forget to write this as the reader will get an idea about what the letter is all about.

To Whom It May Concern

Give the reason you are writing the letter. it may be left aligned or center aligned

This is the area where you start with the actual content of the letter with respect to the purpose. Keep it concise and precise.

As per the requirement of the letter, introduce yourself and include every detail related to the subject. Keep the format of the letter formal and do not leave unwanted space that creates any misunderstanding in the reader's mind.

Do not forget to thank the reader.
Yours faithfully,

Remember to follow these rules while writing a to whom it may concern letter, and see how easy you find to write such letter or any other formal letter.

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