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Church Welcome Letter

If you wish to welcome people looking for a safe place for spiritual life, fellowship and growth, write a church welcome letter, addressing all people with no difference to race, background, education etc. Such letter is usually written by the pastors to invite the people of the community and those who are seeking a path to their spiritual journey. Since, these letters serve as an introduction to the church and its followings, they need to be written very effectively. The focus of the letter is to describe the mission and vision of the church to the readers.


Tips to write an effective welcome letter:

  • This letter need not be personalized, unless it is addressed to a particular person, may it be a pastor or a staff member to welcome to the church. Generally, church welcome letter is written for the church site and meant for the visitors to this site.
  • This letter should focus on teaching the reader about the mission and vision of the church. It should also try to answer the questions that the visitors' may have in their mind about the church. Write a short history of the church, to give an insight to the new reader and in addition, give the church calendar informing about the service timings, speakers and events the church sponsors.
  • The letter should sound friendly, positive and should not discriminate amongst the readers based on race, beliefs, and background.
  • Unlike a sales letter, this should motivate the reader towards your church and its goals in addition, bond a relationship with the reader but not persuade one to buy a product or service.
  • Towards the conclusion, provide the contact information and offer assistance related to any matter of joy or sorrow.
  • To make the letter effective, you may include any quote from bible that relates to the core mission of the church or the letter.

Sample welcoming letter for church:


It gives me immense joy and pleasure to introduce you to ABC Church! Our core motto is to provide you a safe place during your spiritual life and give you a life-changing experience with God.

We welcome you 'as you are'. We welcome everyone at ABC, regardless of age, race, gender, economic or social background. As Jesus loves and welcomes all people, we too welcome all in His name.

We aim at infusing God's love into people and their families through preaching Bible and offering its truth in relevant and practical life.

We believe that every participating person is a unique gift of God and has a valid and vital contribution to make. Together, we aim to become the church described in Bible and we believe the Lord wants us to be. For this, we have relevant teachings of Bible and heart-felt worship to support contagious Christianity.

We invite and welcome you to visit us on our Sunday services. You may also visit our website to understand more about ABC and its mission goals. Feel free to contact us, with any queries that you have or for any support that, you may need.

God bless you!

In Christ's Love,
Shawn McGraw
Senior Pastor

Church welcome letter is a wonderful way to build relation with the people who seek their journey towards spirituality.

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