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Welcome Letter to Parents

It is a beginning of a new academic year at your school and you wish to welcome all students and their parents to the class then write a welcome letter to the parents. Every human being is mostly influenced by a teacher. Hence, teacher not only is responsible in imparting knowledge but also, in developing and molding child's attitude to become a good human being with intellect. For a teacher to help do this better, parents' role is also very important. A teacher needs a frequent and regular interaction with parents to follow her responsibilities. Through a parent's welcome letter a teacher introduces the student and parents to a new academic section and make them excited about the upcoming year.


Tips to write a welcome letter by a teacher to parents:

  • The letter should be written in a formal style and be very polite in tone. It should show your enthusiasm to take up the new class of students.
  • The letter may initiate with your brief introduction including the educational background, teaching experience etc. In addition to these details, you may include the details of your additional qualifications.
  • The following section of the letter should brief about the plans for the upcoming academic year and what the parents can expect during the same. You can use this section to detail about your teaching methods, the syllabus that will be covered, few activities like sports, educational trips, picnics etc. which will take place during the year.
  • This letter may also be used to notify about your expectations from students and the parents, about the students' studies and homework.
  • Towards the end, express optimism about a challenging and good academic year for all. Offer your assistance to the parents and let them know the convenient time, they can meet you. For this purpose you may give your school email id. By doing this you are actually welcoming the parents' concern about their children.

Sample letter to welcome parents:

Alex Twitter
ABC School
1702 Coast Boulevard
Del Mar, TX
United States 66554
Tel: 858-755-1534

Date: January 15, 2011

Mr. and Mrs. Bailey
House no.7Z
668 West 5th Street
Covington, TX
United States 65874

Dear Parents,

I, Ms. Alex Twitter feel immense pleasure to welcome you and your kid to the fifth grade class room. I also assure you a very exciting, busy and fruitful year in store for us.

Before I give you an insight into the preview of the subjects taught and the various events upcoming this year, let me introduce myself. I am graduated from Oxford University as a major in science. I stay in Upton County since 1990. This being my tenth year at ABC school contributes to my sixteen year's teaching life.

I believe that a good parent-teacher relationship is vital factor for the maximum success of kids at school. Following this I'll communicate with you throughout the year through notes, monthly meetings, and weekly reports. I have also given my email id for any further communication required from your end.

Please go through the attached curriculum, grading policy, and homework policy.

Alex Twitter

The welcome letter to parents is an initial bridge for a teacher to help introduce her policies and convey her expectations from the kid and the parents.

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